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From the Airport to the hotels on the seashore of Tel Aviv


Only 60 minutes and only 8 dollars you will spend in order to get to the heart of Tel Aviv from Ben Gurion airport! Just follow these detailed instructions.

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Before exiting the central hall, you should turn to your left and stay inside the airport building. Here there are ATM machines. Taking out some local currency is very important, because the route will be using train and bus. You can buy a train ticket with a credit card, but a bus ticket can be payed for only by cash. There are 2 machines - a red one, from HaPoalim bank, and a green one. The green one takes a bigger service fee. And judging by the short line to the banks cashiers, the cheapest way to get your Shekels is face to face.

Now you should follow the “TRAIN” signs and exit the airport, turning right at gates number three.

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Right near the exit at gate three you will notice the train ticket machines. Above those machines there is a screen with the train schedule. Pay attention to the sentence painted red at the bottom part of the screen. It says that any train leaving from the second platform, stops at all Tel Aviv train stations. Anyway, you will need a train leaving from the second platform. The touch screen is set to Hebrew by default, but you will quickly notice the ENGLISH option and buy a ticket without a problem. You shall choose TelAviv Center, then Adult, and then Single (or rather change the type and the amount of the tickets according to your needs). After that, the payment is needed. If you are paying with a credit card, swipe it or insert your coins into the special slot. The tickets price will be presented on the screen of the machine. It should be roughly 4.5 dollars. Save the printed ticket! On it you will see arrows that say which side you should insert into the gate machine.

For the gate to open, you have to take out the ticket after putting it in. You will need the ticket to exit the gate at your final train station.

After the gates, before the escalators to the platforms, you will enter a big hall with a piano. You can play the piano - which is what many passengers do. You have come to a country in which almost every mother dreamed of her child becoming a work renowned pianist.

From the hall, you will see escalators and stairs that lead to the train platforms. You have to go to platform number 2, on the left.

The departing platform. Take notice that the train doors might not open automatically. If they haven’t, there is a green button next to them which you have to push. Inside the train a welcome surprise is awaiting you, charging stations (220V) and free Wi-Fi. Welcome to the Israel Train. You will have to get down on the second station - Tel Aviv HaShalom.

The first station will be called HaHagana.

You have to get out on the HaShalom station. The train doors open to the left. Walk on the platform with the direction of the train, to the escalators leading you up to the hall of the HaShalom station.

After going up the escalators, turn to your left and follow the sign to Azrieli Centre. Here you will go up another flight of stairs/ escalators.

From the HaShalom station to the Azrieli Centre will take you a bridge hanging over the biggest highway of Tel Aviv. It goes over the Ayalon river. The highway is called, Ayalon Raod.

The exit from the HaShalom station is the entrance to the Azrieli Centre. Here you have electronic gates too, similar to the ones at the airport train station. Meaning, you have to put the ticket in and take it out for the gates to open.

Walk forward into the Centre of the building, under the glass dome. On your right side there will be the shop called Samsonite. Proceed to the hall turning to the right. Follow to big soccer ball that is constructed in that hall (next to Honigman).

Next to the Carolina Lemke counter turn left, and go towards the exit doors.

This is the exit from Azrieli Centre leading to the bridge, connecting it with the Ministry of Defence.

Walk all the way down the bridge, to the other side of the road it crosses.

After going down from the bridge, turn left towards the bus stations.

You have to get up on line 63. Proceed into the bus via the front door. In order to use the bus, you must purchase a public transportation card named “Rav Kav”. It costs 10 shekels and could be charged in most convenience stores etc. The card is anonymous.

This is the stop before the HaBima theatre and the art square. This is the starting point of one of the excursions form the MASA 2018 collection - the route from the HaBima square to the Independence Museum.

This stop is called Michele’s Square, another one of the important points of the city. This is where Dizingof Centre is located. It is named after the first mayor of Tel Aviv.

Here, at the crossing of Bugrashov and Ben-Yehuda, you will find two great restaurants. One of them serves Thai food and the other, Mexican. Remember them!

This is the last station on the bus, where you get off. Here, walking with the direction of the bus, you will head to the southern part of the city, on Ben Yehuda street. On this route we will return a few meters to Bugrashov street and then exit to Yarkon street, first line from the sea.

There is the sea and the beach.

That’s it! Now, head to your hotels! Welcome!

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