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Right near the exit at gate three you will notice the train ticket machines. Above those machines there is a screen with the train schedule. Pay attention to the sentence painted red at the bottom part of the screen. It says that any train leaving from the second platform, stops at all Tel Aviv train stations. Anyway, you will need a train leaving from the second platform. The touch screen is set to Hebrew by default, but you will quickly notice the ENGLISH option and buy a ticket without a problem. You shall choose TelAviv Center, then Adult, and then Single (or rather change the type and the amount of the tickets according to your needs). After that, the payment is needed. If you are paying with a credit card, swipe it or insert your coins into the special slot. The tickets price will be presented on the screen of the machine. It should be roughly 4.5 dollars. Save the printed ticket! On it you will see arrows that say which side you should insert into the gate machine.

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From the Airport to the hotels on the seashore of Tel Aviv

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