Places to visit in Ramat Gan

Safari Park Havat Shalom and Ariel Sharon Park Hiriya.


Ramat Gan's safari and zoo, nestled near Tel Aviv, stand as the Middle East's most expansive wildlife sanctuaries. Beyond housing a wealth of animal life, they are a hub for scientific inquiry and home to a well-equipped veterinary clinic. As you meander through the artfully landscaped grounds, embrace the green heart of this bustling metropolis with every step. Before you set off, heed this advice: relish the walk. A little way on, the verdant oasis of Havat Shalom awaits, leading to the crowning delight of the area – the tallest artificial mound in Tel Aviv. What once was a colossal heap of refuse has been reborn as a spectacular park. The city's pulse fades away amongst the winding trails, reflective pond, and commanding view from the observation deck. Linger till the day's end, capturing the most breathtaking snapshots against the setting sun.

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Safari Ramat Gan is the largest ZOO and safari in the Middle East. The Safari opened in 1974. Seven years later In 1981, the Tel Aviv Zoo was moved to the middle of the park. Visitors pass on their cars the open area with white rhinos, hippos, and varieties of birds while approaching the ZOO. You can move around the zoo with golf cars, which can be rented at the entrance, but it is best to walk.

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