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Mount Precipice Nazareth, Israel


Every time you travel Galilee and Nazareth, do not forget to end the day by watching the sunset on Mount Precipice. Convenient hiking trails, the most beautiful lookout on the Armageddon Valley, a stunning overlook on Mount Tavor and the sunset over the Carmel Ridge inspire the soul, calm the mind and open the heart. Feel the moment.Translated with Google Translate

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Welcome to the official account of Israel Way Educational Tourism services. The company dates its story from the early beginning of informal education in the field of tourism in Israel. Israel Way aims to develop and implement educational tourism programs to research and seek the self-identification of future generations of Jewish people. We are proud to preserve the tradition and be guided by authentic values and innovative technologies. Thank you for joining us.
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Mount Precipice is one of the highest mountains of the Nazareth ridge. The height of this mountain is 397 meters above the level of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is one of the highest peaks of the Lower Galilee. According to the Gospel of Luke, Jesus came to this mountain surrounded by a crowd. It happened after people drove him out of the synagogue, where he said that the prophecy about the coming of the Messiah came true on him. Enraged by Jesus' words, the people of Nazareth led him to the top of this mountain and tried to throw him into the gap. Convicting the Jews in their disbelief on him, Jesus passed among them and left. Already in the eleventh century, this mountain was associated with the gospel story. The Crusaders called this mountain the hill of the jump because they believed that Jesus jumped into the valley and remained unharmed.

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