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The best places in Nazareth in 4 hours.


Nazareth is beautiful. This city has always been exceptional, and not like other Arabian Christian cities of the Holy Land, maybe because it is away from big troubles and scandals. Maybe because in this city they always lived peacefully. Perhaps because its streets are full of the smell of roasted coffee beans, and traditional cuisine and hospitality do not leave room for sadness. Howbeit, it is recommended to walk the streets of Nazareth on foot and weekdays. On weekends it is so crowded that you will never love this experience. An exception to this rule can only be a festival of Santa Clauses for Christmas. This walk starts in the main square of the city, goes up to the Basilica of Annunciation - the most prominent Christian church in the Middle East, continues to the city market, enters the synagogue church, and introduces us to Padre Pio and Saint Charbel from Lebanon. The path passes through craft shops and old mansions to the holy caves of the Greek Orthodox Church, passes through the Russian courtyard, and the most mysterious bottle trees leads us to the church of the archangel Gabriel and ends in the most delicious and welcoming restaurant in the city.

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The city square Nazareth
The city square Nazareth

Pigeons love this central square of the city. There are always a lot of people and a lot of bread crumbs. The main street of the town rises from here to the church and the city market and takes us to the coolest places of Nazareth.

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