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Evening in Milan, Italy


Evening Milan is uniquely beautiful. We will begin our excursion at 18:00 from the square in front of the Dome Cathedral. All this, to climb the observation deck of the cathedral and meet the sunset, which will paint the city in indescribable colors. Then, through the gallery and La Scala Theater, we will stroll through the streets of the Brera quarter, where it’s time to try mouth-watering dishes in Milan style. After dinner in one of the oldest places in this quarter, we will reach the Isola quarter, where at night we will enjoy real live jazz.

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Piazza del Duomo is the historic center of the city. It lays in front of the largest and most sophisticated Gothic cathedral in Italy. At dusk, his white marble from the quarries of Lake Maggiore turns pink. It is a great time to climb the roof, from where you will see a panoramic view of the city. Depending on what time of year you visit, you will enjoy the sunset.

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Now our path will run north through the famous gallery of Victor Immanuel the Second. The gallery was built in record time - for three years. The first stone was laid on March 7, 1865, by King Victor Emmanuel II himself. Unfortunately, the Gallery architect, Giuseppe Mengoni, was not present at this event. He died falling from the scaffolding near the dome. The coats of arms of the four capitals of the Italian Kingdom decorate the floor. Symbols of Milan, Turin, Florence, and Rome are depicted here. The coat of arms with a cross belongs to Milan. The bull is the symbol of Turin. The lily symbolizes Florence, and the she-wolf belongs to Rome. Look at the emblem of Turin. Its genital has a noticeable indentation made by heels by thousands of tourists: it is believed that spin on this place brings good luck (what does the bull think about this?). Few know where this tradition came from. Once, Milanese and Turin had very uneasy relations: such a gesture was born as a kind of mockery. In our time, Milan’s relationships with Turin are quite good, but the tradition has remained.

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This theater is known all over the world. But not many know the history of its name. The word "rock" means "ladder." In 1776-1778, architect Giuseppe Piermarini built a theater building on the site of the church of Santa Maria Alla Scala, from which the name of the theater itself originated. Not everything in the theater is charming and smooth. For example, the English writer Mary Shelley, who visited La Scala in September 1840, wrote: “La Scala is not good enough for a real music lover. Even though all the noble people of Milan attend this theater, they turned it into a market where horses and cattle were sold. “Trading” discussions are sometimes so loud that they drown out the music. " One of the most famous names associated with La Scala is - Arturo Toscanini. In 1898 Toscanini became the conductor of the theater, in this position he stayed until 1908, and from 1921 to 1929, Toscanini was the director of the theater.

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The narrow streets of the Brera quarter lure you inside, and if you are here between six and eight o'clock in the evening, choose a bar to try the Milan aperitif. The tradition of an aperitif watch originated in the 1920s in Milan. Here came the unique bitter spirit of Campari. The history of Campari begins in Novara in 1860. Gaspare Campari, a specialist in blending alcoholic beverages, started serving this bitter red drink in his Campari cafe. In 1904, the factory in Sesto San Giovanni near Milan began mass production of this drink. Campari's son, David, started exporting bottles to Nice and the cities of the French Riviera. Thus, Campari became popular. Campari was the first alcoholic beverage company to brand its product actively. Passion and sexuality shape the product image. These two themes are played up again and again in the advertising of the Campari brand. Bitter drink increases the appetite. By this reason, Campari is an aperitif, as well as the main ingredient in cocktails. It is part of such official IBA cocktails as Negroni and Americano, as well as Spritz, Camparinha, and Garibaldi cocktails. You can enjoy an aperitif in all of Italy, but in Milan, you get the impression that the whole city is doing just that. N'Ombra de Vin is a high bar. Ancient refectory of the Augustinian monks of the Romanesque basilica of San Marco is now a bar. VIA SAN MARCO 2 20121 MILANO


+39 02 6599 650

Here you can start to eat. Despite the urbanistic atmosphere, the restaurant is remarkable simplicity and rustic fashion. Cheese and sausages are served on a Tuscan-style chopping board. Here, simple wines and affordable prices. Corso Garibaldi, 55 +39 02 8901 0390

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Latteria is one of the old and traditional restaurants in Milan. The same family has run it since the 1960s. Here will keep the tradition of serving food — for example, real silver pots. As a result of myths and popularity, it is advisable to reserve a table in advance, especially on weekends. However, if you ask the opinion of many Italians, they will say that they expect more from such a restaurant. But, if you have eaten well in previous places, you can try the dessert here. You can’t go wrong by ordering puria di mele con gelato - homemade melon pie with ice cream.

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The Isola quarter is now considered one of the coolest places to live. Previously, he was not prestigious. Cheap rent attracted artists and other creative people who gave charm. Blue Note is a famous NY Jazz Club that has a successful brother in Milan. For six days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday, the club hosts about 350 concerts a year, and it is considered one of the most essential and well-known jazz music exhibitions in Europe and beyond. The weekly show calendar runs from Tuesday to Sunday, with a double daily show, at 21:00 and 23:00 (on weekends 23:30), except for Sundays, which include a unique evening show at 21:00. The restaurant, open from 19:30 to midnight, serves Italian and international cuisine, as well as a wide selection of Italian and French wines. The bar offers a choice of over 200 cocktails and liquors. Radio Monte Carlo is broadcasting live every week from Blue Note. Today, Blue Note Milano is part of the Casta Diva group.

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