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Jerusalem. Festival of Light Blue route.


The blue route starts on Tsakhal Square (opposite the city hall), runs along the walls of the Old City and ends at the entrance to the Western Wall. This is the longest route. At the end of the route there is a stop of special buses, which, having rounded the old city, will take you back to the starting point and you can go on another route: either green or red. Green goes along the northern walls of the Old City, and the red passes through the city from the Jaffa Gate to the New Gate. The festival takes place every day from June 26 to July 4 from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm, except for Fridays.

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Places with media

Shvil Haor - The Path of Light - is an installation of the Israeli company AVS. The Path of Light is composed of different columns with changing images, that together make up a whole picture. The visitors can walk through the columns, and by changing their place they change the image that is made up out of them.

Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Lehafitz et Haor - Spread The Light - This constellation has become very famous amongst closed clubs. It first comes to life on the walls of the Old City if Jerusalem, and creates a diploid between light and music. It’s name, Visual Jockey, and the performance is possible due to work from an international team. Ari Dikaer from Poland, Visual Jockey Alstroyman from Brazil, Visual Jockey EPS from Russia, Visual Jockey Sveta Rainish from Ukraine and Visual Jockey Tadjavasi from India. Every night the performance on the wall is played by three different people. The music is accompanied by different lights on the wall of the Old City. The performance is partly staged and partly improvised, basing itself on the crowd of the night.

Prismatic. The author of this installation ate RAW Design in collaboration with Atomic3 from Canada. This work is based on the physical phenomenon of reduction. Prisms emit light and rotate. Different combinations of refracted light rays and varying distances between the prisms create a unique play of light and its reflections. Visitors are very welcome to rotate the prisms themselves and create images themselves.

Kirkas Haor - The Circus of Light - This product of the German company Gadzh Design. The plot is based on the characters of German folk tales. Kreutkels, Siroloma, Arturo, and a bright wig draw people into their whirlwind of a dancing circle and do not disregard a single visitor. Feel free to give in to the fun of light, color, noise and joy!

Havayat Yoga Mishpahtit - A Family Yoga Experience - This is a gift from Maccabi’s Israeli health insurance company. You are invited to do simple exercises in the open air in the evening Jerusalem and to feel the special serenity against the background of the night sky, the eternal city and the festival of light.

Mar’a - Mirror - This is the work of the Israeli artist Gil Tayhman. Many mirrors, countless reflections of the rays of light and the enormous dimensions of this structure involve you in the abyss of reflections. Reflections of how we look, how we are seen and how we would like to look. In addition to the deep impression of the size and scale of this installation, you involuntarily begin to think about the meaning of what we call reflection.

The work Hishtakfuyot Shel Mar’ot - Reflections of Mirrors - arrived in Jerusalem from Serbia. These are four street actors, each wearing a costume made from a huge number of small mirrors. They attract you with their reflections, highlights, movement and call for dialogue. Wordless but physical. Mute but alive. Contactless but reciprocal.

Or bekol Makom - Light Everywhere This is the work of the French company Cryatmosfir. Thousands of jars are illuminated with bulbs from the inside, and on the glass there is a drawing from different parts of the globe. The most interesting thing is that the energy of light is accumulated during the day from solar energy, and in the evening the jars are lit themselves, as if snatching pictures from the life of the past day around the world.

Beit Haor - House of Light - this beautiful illumination of the tower of the abbey Dormition was brought by the company Lichtaft from Austria. The name of the company is translated from German as light wallpaper. They create movement and it seems that the stones of the ancient monastery come to life.

Meshotetet Bekhalal

Navagim Hashmaliim - Electric Fights - This is the work of the American guests of the festival Abraham Santa Cruz and Liquid PXL with the collaboration of Elad Rimon and Nir Mendelssohn. With the onset of darkness, huge stelae turn into fireworks made up of beams - a dispute of electric light.

Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Shribut - Squiggle - This is the work of the artist Angus Muyer from New Zealand. Long neon tubes are curved in the form of countless strikes, ink pen paintings, and simple squiggles. They entice visitors to walk between them and feel the depth of space and the transience of time, through constantly changing shades of light. It seems that everything is floating around, and only you yourself are the only island of permanence in this moving ocean of nonsense.

Girgurim Shotsfim - Overwhelming Thoughts - This is the work of Georg Reish from Austria. Bright flashes of light illuminate the ancient caves, grottoes and the remains of buildings at the foot of the walls of the Old City. Refractions of shadows and barely distinguishable edges of night forms seem to swallow flat lights, directing us to thoughts of memory, of memories, of the past, of the ancient, of the disappearing, passing away.

Ora Shel Yerushalaim - The Light of Jerusalem - This is the work of the Israeli artist Liran Lavi Turkenich. The projection on the walls of the Old Town uses a special font called Aravrit. Lyran has developed this unique font that allows both Hebrew and Arabic speakers to read the same word without difficulty.

Pirkhey Hatzutzra - Tube Flowers - This is an installation by Amigo & Amigo and Otis Studios from Australia. 27 huge colors in the form of a gramophone trumpet change color and sound with the help of secret keys that you should find.

Maftehot Haor - The Keys of Light - This is the work of the Dutch artist Mr. Beam. Pianists: Yoel Shemesh and Roi Lauterbach. At the heart of this installation is the idea that, in fact, the piano keys are only white and black, but they sound like millions of different colors and shades. Each visitor can touch the keys and see how the sound develops into the light. Each key creates a different glow, and any melody turns into a symphony of light.

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