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Reserve comb

Description: Easy walking path for the whole family, circular route. Landscapes, flowering, romance, history. It is better to walk in winter or spring Translated with Google Translate
0.88 km
0h 19 m
From the parking lot there is a ring road that surrounds the reserve (it is 800 meters long and passes alongside the pines, the remains of the sheikh's tomb, the bunkers and an observation point). The path is suitable for the entire family, and about half of it is shaded, although it combines several staircases. Translated with Google Translate
Start of the route
The landscape of the reserve is characterized by a natural Mediterranean grove of common oak trees and the Land of Israel, as well as the remains of a tall, ancient pine grove, one of the few concentrations of wild pine in the Jerusalem hills that were not planted by the Jewish National Fund. Translated with Google Translate
Mediterranean forest
The wild pine trees that grew at the top of the mountain were seen by the Palmach fighters from afar as a comb in the top of the bare hills in the region, and from there to the reserve there during the War of Independence. Translated with Google Translate
An observation point groves
On July 15, 2001 there was a great fire in the reserve, and most of the ancient pines in the reserve, which reached the age of 100-150 years, and were considered the oldest pines in Israel, were burned down. Translated with Google Translate
Western observation
Within the precincts of the reserve are communication trenches and the remains of bunkers - the remains of a fortified outpost of the village of Beit Ma'isir against the convoys to Jerusalem during the War of Independence. The place was liberated in Operation "Maccabi" in May 1948, and the village was abandoned. In its place, Beit Meir was established. Translated with Google Translate
A shrub grave
The grove was preserved due to a Muslim prayer structure at the top of the mountain, above the grave of Sheikh Ahmad al-Ajami, whose "homeless tradition" identifies him with the book of the Prophet Muhammad (in fact the book was Salman al-Farisi). Parts of the building collapsed in recent years, and as of December 2015 the building is fenced and can not be accessed. Translated with Google Translate
There is an exit to the parking lot
In the winter and especially in the spring there is a great and impressive flowering in the areas of the reserve and the nearby Yitzhak Rabin Park. Among other things blooming in the region: winter crocus, graceful moorland, anemones, cyclamens, scotch, common yarmulke and hairy tootail. In the nearby forest (Yitzhak Rabin Park), the flowers of the mountains and the three-tooth orchid were also seen. Translated with Google Translate
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