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The building in which the Aroma Café of the Israeli World Network (No. 8) comfortably settled used to serve the Dick family. Abraham Dick (1848-1917), the father of the family came to Israel from the Caucasus. The company he owned was founded in Haifa in 1878. The company was engaged in a number of cases, but mainly imported agricultural equipment and was then one of the largest in the country. The company was later inherited by Timothy (Timothy) Lange (1869-1947) and Gottlieb Schumacher (1857-1925). Timothy was the son of Anna Lange (1843-1930) of Abraham Dick’s sister. And Gottlieb Schumacher - Maria's husband from the house of Lange - Anna's sister. Their house was built at the end of the 19th century and stretched over 4 levels: 2 main floors (about 170 square meters), an attic and a basement (about 100 square meters). At the entrance are arched passages and large windows in which agricultural machinery and goods were exhibited. At the top of the building you can observe the gable, which characterizes the architecture of the Templars - the religious German Christian community, who founded the colony itself at the end of the 19th century. As in many other houses in the colony, it was customary to engrave inscriptions from the Old Testament above the entrance door. On this house is the inscription "EBEN EZRA 1893". This is a year of construction and a psalm: "And Samuel took one stone, and put it between Mitzpoi and Shane, and called it Even-Aizer (Help stone), and said: the Lord helped us to this place." Today, the expression symbolizes the help of God (like the expression "with God's help"). Opposite the house there used to be the Carmel Hotel, then the bus station, now the hotel complex is being built again. Translated with Google Translate

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