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In 1946, the communist regime erected on the square a monument to Soviet soldiers liberating Hungary. Soon another monument appeared, which fakely expressed the grateful from the Hungarian people to the great Stalin. It was the monument to Stalin that Hungarians destroyed during the uprising against the Communists in 1956. The memorial to the Soviet soldiers was repeatedly desecrated, and a policeman was always on duty near it. An interesting fact: behind the monument, you can see a large outlet of the ventilation pipe. This pipe is the ventilation system of the underground bunker, which the Communists began to build in 1952. The construction was completed in 1963. Three years later, the shelter was connected to the Budapest metro. An air filtration system can produce four thousand cubic meters of clean air per hour. This amount is equivalent to one hundred and twenty sea containers.

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Polo Polotsky
Budapest evening of Dec 10, 2019

A short walk in the evening winter Budapest. We pass Karoli Boulevard, a monument to Empress Elizabeth, Freedom Square, monuments and a secret bunker of the Cold War, parliament square and the history of Hungarian independence. The winter is cool on the Danube but the stunning parliament building admires by its beauty and grandeur. We stopped for a minute of silence at the Danube embankment next to the chilling soul monument to the victims of the Holocaust. To the end of the walking have visited a cozy Christmas city center with its Christmas markets and have ended the tour with mystical Anchor House and the luminous synagogue.

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