Pinsteps. Sidna Ali Herzliya

A peculiar lie detector served as a yardstick in court cases and repeatedly, "liars" accused of delinquencies had to immediately atone their sins in the mosque itself. Today the stone is not preserved. Samaritans, confusing the pronunciation of the guttural and ringing letter "A" in the name "Ali", mistakenly recognized the grave as the burial place of Ali - the priest in Purgatory in Shiloh. In 1839, Moshe Montefiore and his wife, Yehudit, stayed in the mosque’s adjoining living and household premises during their stagecouch journey from Jaffa to Haifa. The mosque was restored in 1990 and is an active mosque today. And here please let me say good by!

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Kseniya Melnychayko
My beloved Herzliya!

How I usually walk in Apollonia at sunset

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