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Garden and butterflies gallery, located in the park Burggarten (City Park). It was created in Vienna in the first half of the XIX century on the site of the so-called Viennese Glasis. Glacis is a gentle earthen mound in front of the outer moat of the fortress. Vienna was surrounded by a double ring of fortress walls from the 13th century. Citizens from time to time settled between them, but after the Siege of Vienna by the Turks in 1683 (under the rule of Leopold - the great-grandfather of Maria Theresa and his court preacher Abraham from Santa Clara), it was decided to clear the territory and keep it open for a more successful defense of the city in the future. Only at the beginning of the XIX century, after the Napoleonic wars, this territory was allotted for the imperial garden. Like the Volksgarten (Volksgarten - People’s Park), Burggarten was also planned by Ludwig Gabriel von Remy with the personal participation of the Emperor Franz. Remy went down in history with his pediment of the Cathedral in Esztergom (Hungary) and Franz went down in history by abolishing the Holy Roman Empire. He was the Emperor and married his sworn enemy Napoleon Bonaparte to his daughter Maria Luisa (the niece of Marie Antouanettey married her nunned enemy Napoleon Bonaparte) time of revolution). Franz, having abandoned the Holy Roman Empire, founded the Austrian and retained the dynasty, and he made him the Emperor of France by marrying his daughter with a Corsican. Maybe this is why he so hated liberalism and so hopelessly doomed his grandson Franz Yosif for the course of the waves of liberalism until the complete collapse of the reefs of revolution and terror - unchangeable friends of the First World War. Translated with Google Translate

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From Cafe Mozart to the Hungarian House of the Blood Countess. My trip in Vienna of Sep 25, 2018.

A short walk through the imperial Vienna. The Opera, the Royal Park, the palace of the Augsburg dynasty and the sinister history of the bloody countess Translated with Google Translate

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