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The synagogue was built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans had a law on the demolition of houses: the building is not subject to demolition, if the roof was built. The builders of the synagogue took advantage of this law, and in the middle of the night all the members of the settlement secretly built a synagogue, and in the mornings they gave the building as a stable. Every time Turkish officials came to ask what they were building there, the villagers answered that they were building a stable. Finally, one night they built the roof of the synagogue, and the next morning the officials were surprised to see that there was a synagogue on the site of the stable. Another story connected with this synagogue is known from the rabbis' journey to the settlements of Baron Rothschild. When they reached the synagogue in Zichron Yaakov, they found that the prayer exaltation was in front of the hall next to the ark, as is common among Ashkenazi Jews. The rabbis, led by Rabbi Cook, announced that they would not go to the synagogue until they were sure that the dais would not be moved to the center of the hall in accordance with the traditional Jewish tradition. Translated with Google Translate

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Saturday walk through Beit Shearim and Zichron Yaakov.

Beautiful autumn days in one of the most mysterious places in the north of the country. Beit Shearim is an ancient city with a well-preserved necropolis, Zichron Yaakov - the first settlement of Baron Rothschild - European corner of the Holy Land Translated with Google Translate

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