Pinsteps. Apollonia National Park
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After the entrance there are some spaces for BBQ, but let us follow the mystical history of the place and go forward to the ancient artifacts. In the 113 - 114 years BC. e. The city suffered from an earthquake, but was quickly restored and trade relations strengthened with the Italian peninsula and North Africa. In the Byzantine period, the city reached its greatest dawn. In the fifth and sixth centuries AD. Appolonia was renamed by the order of the Byzantine emperors and its name was changed into Sozousa, which served as the episcopal throne of the Prym of Palestine. There was a large Samaritan community in the city. The most developed industry in this period was the production of glass (geographically, this production spread upon 600 acres). During this period the city was an open city (i.e., not enclosed by a wall). In 640, c. e. the city was conquered by Muslims.

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