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In the seventies and nineties of the 20th century, archaeological excavations were conducted by professors Israel Rolle, Eitan Alon and Oren Tal of the Tel Aviv University. Arsuf (Apolonia) was declared a national park and along it passes the "National Trail of Israel". Studies of the marine zone of the national park showed that in ancient times the coastal strip went to the sea much further than today, and the water level was much lower. It can be argued that the sea swallowed a considerable part of ancient Appolonia and the ongoing process of sea level rising could lead to the erosion of the natural rock within the next 20-30 years and the almost complete destruction of the present remnants of the ancient settlement. The Herzliya Municipality, Tel Aviv University, the Ministry of Antiquities and the National Parks Administration are making efforts to preserve and strengthen Arsuf through the construction of breakwaters and artificial embankments.

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