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Mount Carmel overlooks the entire north of the country to the border with Lebanon. The mountains in the distance are the upper Galilee. Closer and gentler - Lower Galilee. You can see the Kishon Valley and an oil refinery built by the British at the foot of the mountains. Nearby is the port, also built during the rule of the English empire. The street as straight as an arrow rises from the port to the mountain with houses on both sides with red-tiled roofs - named Ben Gurion boulevard is the main street of the former German colony. The middle part of the slope - Adar - is a Jewish city. Here, in the middle of a grove, you can see a gray dome - the building of the Technion - a famous university in the country established in the 1920s with donations from the Moscow tea house of the Vysotskys.

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Haifa, Caesarea

Let us visit Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Stella Maris Monastery, Caesarea - Ancient Theater, Palace of Herod and Roman Prefects, Hippodrome, Byzantine Baths, and Trading Rows, Ancient Port, and Crusader City

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