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This street is named after Sebastian Stef. He would be the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Stef - clothing merchants. The boy's talent was noticed when he painted with charcoal or chalk portraits of teachers and classmates on the walls or doors of a warehouse with clothes. Eye disease forced him to interrupt his studies in Munich with the famous painter Peter von Cornelius. However, thanks to his pronounced talent for the portrait, Sebastian received instructions from the Bavarian King Ludwig I to draw portraits of his son and two daughters. The son of the king, Otto will be the first king of Greece. After his parents died, Stef inherited a tin toy factory. But the artist refused this inheritance and in 1839 he moved to a house in Pfefergasse 4 in Salzburg, where he lived with his family. Sebastian Steif died on July 29, 1889 in Salzburg and was buried in the family crypt in the cemetery near the church of St. Peter. Translated with Google Translate

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