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Against the beautiful background of the building of the Budapest Parliament, a memorial to a whole group of people is visible in the parliamentary park. Although it is called the Kossuth memorial, it is dedicated to the events of the first Hungarian revolution and the war for independence from Austria in the middle of the nineteenth century. Miklós Horthy opened the first monument on this site in 1927. This monument caused a lot of controversies, including disputing Lajos Kossuth as the leading political figure of these events. It is noteworthy that Lajos Batthyány, the first prime minister who was executed in prison on the site of the current Freedom Square, was depicted only among the other figures of the strugglers of freedom. The monument did not survive more than fifty years, and the Soviet rulers of Hungary decided to replace it. The new communist monument depicted Lajos Kossuth pointing his hand into the distance - in the brightening communist future. It is not at all obvious for Hungarians that a historical monument replaced the entire sculptural composition, and this also causes quite a bit of controversy.

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Polo Polotsky
Budapest evening of Dec 10, 2019

A short walk in the evening winter Budapest. We pass Karoli Boulevard, a monument to Empress Elizabeth, Freedom Square, monuments and a secret bunker of the Cold War, parliament square and the history of Hungarian independence. The winter is cool on the Danube but the stunning parliament building admires by its beauty and grandeur. We stopped for a minute of silence at the Danube embankment next to the chilling soul monument to the victims of the Holocaust. To the end of the walking have visited a cozy Christmas city center with its Christmas markets and have ended the tour with mystical Anchor House and the luminous synagogue.

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