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Balfour 91 - Useful Addresses Bat Yam route!

The route guide contains important appearances / passwords: Russian delicacies shop, Cheapest Super, Post Office, Vegetables and fruits, Clothing and footwear repair, Bank, Laundry, Training place, Shopping center, Zheleznodorozhny railway station, Univer's lesson, another lesson , Shop 24/7, Shop all for the house. All that you find new and useful - add to the piggy bank for yourself and others! Translated with Google Translate

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Welcome to the official account of Israel Way Educational Tourism services. The company dates its story from the early beginning of informal education in the field of tourism in Israel. Israel Way aims to develop and implement educational tourism programs to research and seek the self-identification of future generations of Jewish people. We are proud to preserve the tradition and be guided by authentic values and innovative technologies. Thank you for joining us.
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