Pinsteps. De Gooyer Mill and IJ Brewery, Amsterdam
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And at the end of this "men's day," we invite you to a private brewery near the old mill. In 1911, a bathhouse was built near the mill, in the building of which there is a modern brewery. Former musician Caspar Peterson opened it in 1985. It brews eight beers and three seasonal beers that can be tasted, as well as eat in a pub with an outdoor terrace! For beers, try Zatte. This beer is a golden hue with a particular definition adopted in the Netherlands - Tripel (tripel). Istria of this name begins not so long ago, only in the thirties of the last century, when monastic breweries started to make "super-beer" - a special triple ale – from special triple ale - hence the name TripEl. The famous Pilsen malt gives it a golden hue. As for the mill, this is the highest wooden mill in Holland - its height is almost 27 meters. It was built at the beginning of the same golden age of Amsterdam, and today it is a national monument under the protection of the municipality. It is noteworthy that the city authorities bought the destroyed mill in 1928, and due to power outages during the Second World War, the mill served the city to grind corn grains. Only in the fall of 1972, having suffered after a devastating storm did the mill permanently stop its work.

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Tata Pomuran
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Tata Pomuran (author)
Owner of Agnum event (DMC Netherlands). Fell in love with Amsterdam 7 years ago and moved to live here. Loves to surprise the guests of the city and discover new places of the Benelux countries.
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