Pinsteps. Kiek in de Kök Tower and Museum in Tallin
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The name Kiek in de Kök is an old (German) name for towers, primarily those that were part of city fortifications. They got their name from the fact that the tower's occupants could see what was being prepared in the kitchens of nearby houses. During the times of the Hanseatic League and the Teutonic Order, towers not only in modern Germany (for example, in Magdeburg) but also beyond, such as in Gdansk (Danzig) and here in Tallinn, were given this name. Over its existence, the tower managed to repel numerous attacks on Tallinn. The most severe damage was inflicted during the Livonian War when, in 1577, the troops of Ivan the Terrible besieged Tallinn. Cannonballs are still embedded in the tower walls as a reminder of those events. However, the Livonian War was only the beginning of Russian expansion. Peter the Great will complete the final victory over the Swedes, reach the Baltic Sea, and capture Estonia.

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Tallinn Old Town - The First Encounter

This is a relatively short and simple route that covers the most famous landmarks of the city. From the Viru Gates to the Town Hall Square, through the Pikk Jalg (Long Leg) street to the Upper Town, then descending to the Kiek in de Kök Tower and passing through the streets of the Old Town to the Northern Gates - the Fat Margaret Tower. Stories, legends, tales, beauty, and mysteries of the city.

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