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IDC pith night is annually organized event that welcomes entrepreneurs investors and students from all over the Israel

The former Israeli Air Force base that served as a first fighter base during the 1948 Arab Israeli War and than as a mane anti-aircraft warfare school until 1992.

Sculptures of important Israeli artists are located throughout the campus. In addition paintings by Israeli and international artists decorate the buildings of campus.

IDC Herzliya ranked first of 66 Israeli academic institutions and also ranked first in terms of student satisfaction for four consecutive years.

This place was formally the main base of Israel Defense forces anti-craft force. Recruits NCOs and officers from the entire chain of command were trained here. The force’s combat doctrine and fighting spirit were formatted on these grounds.

This street named after Hary Radziner who was the first of founders of the center. Iron sculptures along the street depicts both the difficulty of creation and the power of vision.

Here we can see the garden made of archaeological artifacts collected in the nearest vicinity of IDC. These stone made devices were used as oil press and old winery.

IDC Herzliya campus has a sculpture garden featuring the works of sculptor Bernard Reder.

Faculty of communication is one of the most famous faculties of IDC. It also has museum of communication.

This food plaza is awesome! Students love this place, you can find there very tasty and not expensive dishes designed exactly for yang pupils. Come enjoy the food the atmosphere and the place!

On front of the library you can find the sculpture of man on a horse. It looks as Napoleon! Yes! Be ambitious, be entrepreneur! Bring the change and be the change you want see in this world! Come with us to the Pitch Night IDC Herzlya!

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