Places to visit in Budapest, District VII.

Saint Ishtvan cathedral and something else


A short walk along the most famous route in the city.

Author & Co-authors
Daria Immerman (author)
2.09 km
1h 38 m
Places with media

At this place, you can have a sweet snack. Right in the passage is a statue of the famous Empress Sissy. She was wounded right in the heart and died on the walking terrace above the river in a resort town in Switzerland.

Istvan king is the founder of the Hungarian state. Hungarians or Magyars came from behind the Ural mountains during the great migration of peoples. Hungarian is similar to Finnish and Estonian.

The modern basilica was built in the nineteenth century. Not without the collapse of the dome due to incorrect calculations.

The right hand of Istvan himself is kept in the Basilica.

This is how the famous Hungarian police looked at the end of the nineteenth century.

Franz Liszt for Hungarians is the same national composer as Chopin for Poles or Bach for Germans.

The bridge across the Danube is perhaps the most beautiful and recognizable place in Budapest. A walk along the river embankment is pleasant at any time of the year.

Shoes on the Danube embankment are the most piercing monument to the victims of the Holocaust that I have ever seen. At this place, tens of thousands of ghetto prisoners were killed per day.

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