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Little pause in Tel Aviv


On weekdays, in the middle of the working day, in the noise and rush of the big city, there is a place where there is a pause. It's an hour. On the route Reading - city window. Translated with Google Translate

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This place owes its name to Refus Daniel Isaacs Marquis of Reading. He was the first and only Jew of Victorian England to be honored with such a title. Moreover, Reading was the vice-king of India and the non-replaceable chairman of the Palestinian Electric Company, whose main substation, flaunts its pipes over this picturesque place where the Yarkon River flows into the sea. Here is the largest bus fleet in Tel Aviv and almost every city route goes to Reading. Here and free huge parking. In short, all the ways in Tel Aviv lead to Reading! Translated with Google Translate

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A pedestrian bridge across the Yarkon River leads to the modern complex of the old port of Tel Aviv, which was conceived at the beginning of the 20th century as an EXPO center. The bridge is 55 meters long and 5 wide. This one-piece steel structure was made in Natalia. Work on the delivery and installation of the bridge lasted two days. The bridge leads to a special “country” called Namal Tel Aviv, which combines innovations in place of urban slums, playgrounds and nightclubs, the sea breeze and urban concrete, a silt river and protected banks. Translated with Google Translate

Right behind the bridge, wings await you. These wings of the work of the Mexican sculptor Jorge Marina became famous. They were part of the Wings of the City theme that was part of the permanent exhibition in Mexico City in a city park opposite the Institute of Anthropology. Against the background of these wings, they like to make “wing photos”. Translated with Google Translate

The park is located on the territory that was once the exhibition space of the famous Expo Center of the new city in the 30s. Then the winged camel became a symbol. A camel as a symbol of the east, and wings as an innovation. This Tel Aviv today is both old and new. Translated with Google Translate

Historical background and photos mention the Expo Center and the exhibition, held in this place in 1934 - the 25th anniversary of the founding of the city of Tel Aviv. The exhibition lasted for 6 weeks, 30 countries were represented and 600 thousand people visited the exhibition - three times more than the then country's population. Translated with Google Translate

Great place for a cup of coffee. The wooden embankment and in general the whole complex of the modern old port appeared not long ago. Back in the 90s, this part of the city was abandoned, half-destroyed warehouses, crime and lawlessness. The municipality made no effort to turn this part of Tel Aviv into a beautiful recreation area. Translated with Google Translate

The place where the Yarkon flows into the sea. Tel Aviv once ended here. I went here on weekends to ride boats on the river. On the contrary, the Reading power station is one of the three largest power plants in Palestine built by Rothenburg, a Russian Jew, who is said to have been left unused for Palestine and remained in Russia, then it is not known what Trotsky was doing. Translated with Google Translate

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This bridge was built almost simultaneously with the construction of the power plant. He received the name of Wakop - the British governor in Palestine and was intended for traffic. Like everything in the old port of Tel Aviv, the bridge fell into disrepair in the 90s and only in 2000 it was completely replaced. At the entrance to the bridge is a historical tablet, the inscription on which contains the words of appeal and hope that with this bridge the city will go further - behind Yarkon. So it happened. Translated with Google Translate

Concluding the circle, you can return to your normal business and continue the rhythm of the life of the city, which never sleeps and strides further, not only beyond Yarkon. Translated with Google Translate

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