Places to visit in Kiryat Ono, Ganei Tikva

Israel: Innovative Urbanism


In modern Israel, the planning and construction of new neighbourhoods reflect a blend of innovation, environmental consciousness, and community living. This comprehensive development approach is evident in various aspects:

  1. Residential Buildings: High-rise apartments exemplify contemporary construction techniques. These buildings often feature spacious lobbies, intercom systems, underground parking, and expansive balconies. Usually reinforced concrete, the primary structure includes multi-level parking, elevator shafts, stairwells, and safe rooms (Heder Bitachon) in each apartment. These buildings, often part of government-led renovation programs, incorporate external frameworks to reinforce old structures, expand living spaces, and add new floors. Residents typically stay in their apartments during renovations, temporarily relocating only when necessary.

  2. Water Management: In neighbourhoods like Ganey Tikva, near Tel Aviv, innovative water treatment is integrated into the urban landscape. Cascading ponds serve as treatment facilities, recycling wastewater for irrigation and utility purposes. These ponds, devoid of unpleasant odours, support vibrant ecosystems with blooming lilies and diverse microflora.

  3. Green Spaces and Urban Design: Parks are meticulously maintained, with each plant receiving proper care and an irrigation system. To maintain cleanliness, parks are equipped with polyethene bags for pet waste disposal and designated dog walking areas. Some parks, doubling as botanical gardens, feature a variety of native trees and shrubs, each with informative plaques.

  4. Community and Lifestyle: Urban design in cities like Kiryat Ono and Ganey Tikva is thoughtful and inclusive. Simple urban sculptures adorn roundabouts, and amenities like sports facilities, jogging and biking paths, and children's play areas foster community. Often sold during construction phases, apartments come with built-in kitchens and customizable interior designs, making each space uniquely personal.

In summary, new quarters in Israel are a testament to the country's commitment to sustainable living, architectural innovation, and community-oriented urban planning. From elite high-rise apartment complexes to environmentally friendly water treatments and green recreational spaces, these neighbourhoods encapsulate the essence of modern Israeli life.

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Nestled behind residential buildings, this park is a multifaceted urban retreat. It features sports facilities, jogging and biking paths, benches, and playgrounds for children. But what sets it apart is its various trees and shrubs indigenous to Israel. Each plant is accompanied by a plaque detailing its name and a brief description, making the park a miniature botanical garden. This thoughtful integration of recreational space and natural education offers residents a unique opportunity to engage with their environment while enjoying leisure activities.

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