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Trakai Beauty and mystery.


Trakai castle, Karaites and one of the best small resorts in the world Translated with Google Translate

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Inexpressible beauty and repose place. It was morning and the lake was buried in the fog. A pine forest stood above the lake, guarding the silence. The smell of rain in the air was mixed with the smell of mushrooms and the smell of wood - huge plots of pines, of which all the buildings in this small boutique resort are composed. Forest and whispered: "Let's go for a walk," and we went. Translated with Google Translate

Forest met mushrooms. And edible and inedible. Translated with Google Translate

In fact, it was a great surprise to see equipped paths with lighting in this reserved place. It turns out the resort area is very large and includes most of the nature reserve. It was no less surprising to find a birch grove in a pine forest. And a very nice surprise was the real brown hair grains! And of course, in the neighborhood with them, as it should be, luxurious toadstools grow! Translated with Google Translate

Mushrooms continued to amaze with their diversity Translated with Google Translate

SPA complex is equipped with a huge amount of cool things. But the biggest advantage is that the glass roof above it and the pine forest above you. Translated with Google Translate

On the shore of the lake raspberry grows. Translated with Google Translate

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This cathedral was founded during the reign of Prince Vitovt. Initially in the Gothic style, and then in the course of numerous restructuring, he acquired the features of the Baroque style. The cathedral stores the Byzantine icon of the Mother of God, presented to Vitovt by the Byzantine ruler in honor of the betrothal of Vitovt's granddaughter with the Byzantine Tsarevich Emmanuel. During the plague in the 17th century, the priest of Vaina undertook the course of repentance from Trakai to Vilnius with the nose of the icon. Along the way were prayers and penance. They say the Plague has receded. Translated with Google Translate

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Parking on the main street is very simple and convenient. There is a packing slip, you can buy it in the machine and you need to attach it to the glass of the car. Pay in the machine can, however, only in coins. But, there are applications for payment in smartphones, which can be downloaded right on the spot via QR code. I do not know whether it is convenient. In this case, euro coins helped a lot :) By the standards of Tel Aviv, parking is almost free - 1.5 euro for almost two hours. Translated with Google Translate

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Kenassa is a Karaite synagogue. Karaites appeared in Takai during the reign of Vitovt. Apparently, after the Crimean Prince looks like. They were warriors guarded by the dynasty and the approaches to the castle. Another version says that the Karaites never wore guns and were engaged in usury, like the Jews. In general, the Karaites were often confused with the Jews and the attitude of the Lithuanian prince Alexander in the 14th century to the Karaites was the same as with the Jews. They were expelled to Poland, though later returned, retaining property and rights. Translated with Google Translate

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The central street with the present wooden houses of the Karaites. Karaites Trakai descend from the Turkic tribes of the Crimea. According to another version, they are descendants of the Khazars who converted to Judaism. Karaites follow the Old Testament tradition without accepting subsequent traditions and writings, such as the Talmud and the Mishnah, as well as more and more recent books based on them. The Karims were not pursued by the Nazis, since the Jewish plains, in an effort to save the Karaites, did not recognize them as Jews. Karaites have the right to receive Israeli citizenship along with the Jews under the law of return. Translated with Google Translate

Gift shop and information center for the tourist is replete with interesting things and very good children's engravings. There is also a map, a guide, a lot of useful information about what to do in the vicinity of Trakai. Very interesting design products made of leather and amber, house honey, glass crafts, linen clothes and fabrics ... There is a lot to spend :) Translated with Google Translate

Trakai castle was laid by the Grand Duke Gidemin and finally rebuilt by his grandson Vitovt. This was the heyday of the principality of Lithuania. After the victory of the Lithuanians over the Germans in the famous Battle of Grunwald, when the Teutonic Order was defeated, the castle’s defensive significance lost its relevance, and he played a role as the main residence of the Lithuanian principality. Translated with Google Translate

One of the many Karaite kybynov. This is a restaurant Karaite cuisine. Delicious pies and broth. Especially against the background of a cold rainy day and just penetrating cold rising from the lake, hot broth and meat pies or any other filling were just a delicacy. The three of us ate well at around 40 euros including tips. Translated with Google Translate

As usual, before leaving, we decided to buy local delicacies. Jugha cheese is considered the most famous and tasty. Different numbers are written on the package for the months of exposure. The older the better. The taste is similar to picorino. In general, all dairy products very much. Everything was delicious. In addition to cheese, I was pleased with how in Lithuanian whiskey is called Whiskas. Translated with Google Translate

A liter of petrol costs 1.15 euros in Lithuania. Almost our first refueling. First pour gasoline and pay after the fact at the box office. There you can buy a different difference and good coffee in a good coffee machine. Translated with Google Translate

At the end of the street Bernardine there is a private apple orchard. Autumn rested there Translated with Google Translate

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