Places to visit in Zikhron Ya'akov, Caesarea

Rothschild Park: Near Zichron Yaakov and Caesarea


This upcoming journey, as outlined in the guidebook, is dedicated to the southern part of Mount Carmel, the town of Zichron Yaakov, and the coast of Caesarea. It's a well-defined and coherent region, rich in history, destiny, and stunning natural beauty.

The trip starts at a beautiful natural spot near an ancient Roman villa and the Ein Tzur spring. From there, you'll move to the Baron Benjamin Edmond de Rothschild Park, a mesmerising park that tells the story of the Rothschilds' life and legacy, centred around the tomb of this influential figure.

Next, you'll explore one of the most picturesque and historic towns in the country - Zichron Yaakov. This town embodies the history of the first settlers, Rothschild's philanthropy, and the era of the early pioneers who revived the country. It's also a charming place for strolls, shopping, and dining, with fascinating stories of people and the nation.

The journey continues to one of the country's most beautiful museums, the Caesarea Museum of Sephardic Art. Here, you'll encounter Salvador Dalí's works and an impressive replica of the Alhambra Palace's courtyard in Granada. You'll also visit a unique mosaic floor with bird medallions at a Byzantine patrician's villa.

The day concludes with a sunset view over the sea, framed by the arches of the ancient Roman aqueduct.

Some tips for your trip: The Rothschild Park Tomb is closed on Saturdays, and parking at the park is the only paid location. The Caesarea Museum is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. Near the Ein Tzur spring, especially after rain, it's advisable to wear closed shoes as it can be muddy.

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Adjacent to Carmelim Binyamina Givat Ada, there's a convenient free parking area that also serves as an ideal starting point for a pedestrian trail. This feature is especially useful during rainy weather, as the trail can become muddy. Visitors and hikers are advised to wear sturdy, high shoes to navigate the path comfortably and safely.

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