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Tre Cime di Laverda 3 day trek


HI! This is a 3 day trek in the Dolomites. 2 nights in a tent. Overall, this trek is about 24km long. The second day is 12 km long - so wake up early and use every minute of daylight to conquer these amazing peaks of the Italian Alps.

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tomepris (author)
24.11 km
31h 5 m
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Park you car here for the next 2 nights.

Camp on some grass - this is legal! recommended warm clothing.

Another mountain hut. This is not your stop for the night. Continue walking.

if you see that you are running out of day light - make this your stop for the night. the next designated stop for the night is 2.3 km away.

This is where you sleep. In a tent though. This place is fully booked nearly all the time.

Back to your vehicle!

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