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A couple of hours in Chelsea and Kensington, London


When you are in no hurry, when the sun smiles through small clouds, when a light rain washes shop windows and flower buds, it's time to walk along the parks and streets of Chelsea and Kensington.

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Sloane Square is the heart of London's Chelsea quarter. The word Chelsea in old English means a stone pier. So a settlement with this name has been known on the outskirts of London since the eighth century. But where is the river, you ask, being on the square? The Westbourne River flows through an iron aqueduct above the tube station.

Symons Street departs from Sloan Square. Symons is the best example of Victorian architecture. The street was built at the end of the nineteenth century in the Flemish style. Terracotta brickwork and expansive windows characterize it. Even then, impressive houses formed a shape of a shopping district, quickly overgrown with iconic stores, such as the Peter Jones department store.

Pavilion Road is perhaps the most fantastic street for those who like to take their time enjoying beautiful things, happy people and delicious food. This street became such not long ago, only in 2016. The surrounding streets and Sloan Square were the flagships of London's urban development in the thirties of the last century. Then, the fashion for large department stores appeared, several of which have been preserved to this day.

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There is an avenue of flowers in Kensington Gardens. In general, all London parks are a delight for the eyes. Around them are usually prestigious houses and expensive real estate. So for example, Gate Road, formerly called Gloucester Road, was the site of the mansions of the nobility. Here stood the home of the Duchess of Gloucester and Edinburgh. Therefore, the street was called Gloucester Road. Before that, there were marshy lands where pigs were pastured. At the corner, you can see the church of St. James. The American poet Elliot lived in her rectory from 1934 to 1940.

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Prince Albert married his first cousin Victoria the reigning Queen of England, in 1839. He was only 20 years old. Unfortunately, Albert died when he was only 42 from typhus. Victoria wore mourning and did not take them off until the end of her days. The grandson of Albert and Victoria - George the fifth, became the father of the famous Elizabeth II. By the way, in terms of years of reign, she surpassed her great-grandmother Queen Victoria. Victoria ruled for 64 years, considered the most extended period in English history.

Sometimes, in cities like London, there is a feeling that places only change their filling but not their purpose. This Japanese restaurant is housed in a former Italian restaurant. Then, of course, there was a pizza oven. Today, this oven is used for cooking a Japanese pizza dish - a hybrid of shrimp toast and okonomiyaki. This "pizza" is something you should try here.

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