Pinsteps. Palace Gate, London
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There is an avenue of flowers in Kensington Gardens. In general, all London parks are a delight for the eyes. Around them are usually prestigious houses and expensive real estate. So for example, Gate Road, formerly called Gloucester Road, was the site of the mansions of the nobility. Here stood the home of the Duchess of Gloucester and Edinburgh. Therefore, the street was called Gloucester Road. Before that, there were marshy lands where pigs were pastured. At the corner, you can see the church of St. James. The American poet Elliot lived in her rectory from 1934 to 1940.

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A couple of hours in Chelsea and Kensington, London

When you are in no hurry, when the sun smiles through small clouds, when a light rain washes shop windows and flower buds, it's time to walk along the parks and streets of Chelsea and Kensington.

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