Places to visit in Dalaman, Gürköy, Göcek, Fethiye

Road from Dalaman to Fethiye, Turkey


The road from Dalaman to Fethiye takes only forty minutes. A taxi from the airport costs around € 30 for October 2021. The road runs along picturesque mountains covered with coniferous forest, and the sea flashing among the hills attracts stories of turquoise bays and quiet bays that have attracted marine civilizations since ancient times.

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Places with media

I was pleasantly surprised by the spacious modern airport in a small town. Generally, Turkish Airlines left a very good impression with the quality of service. The aircraft are new, the technical equipment is at a high level. Translated with Google Translate

Dalaman is a small town with a population of about twenty five thousand people. It is notable for the fact that it stands near the border of the confluence of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. The name of the city was given by the river of the same name. Translated with Google Translate

Dalaman itself is unremarkable, but there are interesting and beautiful places around it. Picturesque mountains covered with thickets of juniper, tall pines and orange and olive groves create the unique beauty of this place. Not far from the city there is an old railway station building, but no rails were laid to it. The curiosity is explained by the fact that the station was built by mistake. Translated with Google Translate

The expressway connects the two famous resort towns of Marmaris and Fethiye. These are the most beautiful resorts in Turkey. Turks themselves like to rest here. Translated with Google Translate

The road passes through natural forests, ascends hills and descends into lowlands. This is one of the most scenic roads in Antalya. In ancient times, this area was called Lycia and was the arena of fierce battles between the Greeks and Persians for the right to possess this land. Translated with Google Translate

Opened in 1987, Dalaman International Airport and Dalaman Fethiye highway have made this region the most convenient and beautiful resort on the southern coast of Turkey. Translated with Google Translate

The tunnel costs 11 Turkish liras. Translated with Google Translate

Gocek has become popular relatively recently. Tourists are attracted to it by yachting. Gocek is located in the northernmost bay of Fethiye Bay. Translated with Google Translate

The Gyunlyuklyu area is very beautiful. Hiking trails go around the mountain. There are several waterfalls along the trails. Not all are visible from the trail, but they can be heard. There is a descent into the bay where the beach is located. Translated with Google Translate

Several houses for rent are managed by the same company. Almost all houses are designed to accommodate vacationers. The house is large and spacious. A little tired. Translated with Google Translate

The house has three floors, each floor has two bedrooms. Spacious lounge, equipped kitchen, swimming pool and barbecue area. Translated with Google Translate

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