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Nuremberg. From the airport to the city in an hour and for 4 euros.


A universal turn-by-turn route will quickly and cheaply bring you to the old city. You can use this route to get to the city center, to the train station and hotels in this part of the town. For those who like to travel by train and arrived at Nuremberg by flight, this route will help you to get to the central train station and, if you plan the train in such a way that you have 5-6 hours for the city, you can leave your baggage at the station in a luggage room and walk around the city.

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At the exit from the airport, you will see a large signpost. It depicts a bus in a red circle and the letter u in a blue square. The letter U in the blue square is the metro symbol. You can buy a ticket in the ticket machine by selecting the desired language. The ticket machine is located to the right of the exit. If you are going to walk around the old city, you need to choose a one-time ticket. If you intend to travel around Nuremberg, select the daily ticket or a multiple day ticket. To go down to the platform, insert a ticket into the machine located near the escalator. Your ticket will be stamped with the date and time. Keep your ticket until the end of the ride. The metro line goes around the old city. A major stop south of the city walls is called Hauptbahnhof. At this station, there is a passage to the railway station and an underground passage to the old city.

The first stop after the airport is named Ziegelstein. Ziegelstein was a village incorporated on August 1, 1920, in the city of Nuremberg. The was a castle here owned by the Nuremberg patrician family Haller. The castle was destroyed in 1642 and never rebuilt. The name Haller will meet us in the self-guided tours in Nuremberg.

The U-Bahn stop Herrnhütte is located about 3 km northeast of Nuremberg. Being the small village between Ziegelstein and Nuremberg, at the end of the 18th-century, Herrnhütte included four households and one brick factory with tavern and outbuildings.

The Nürnberg Nordostbahnhof is on the underground line U2 and connected the regional train line R21 (Nürnberg Nordost - Gräfenberg). The station was opened on July 1, 1899.

The U-Bahn stop Schoppershof is named after Schoppershof village that, on January 1, 1899, was incorporated into Nuremberg. Several former manor houses have been preserved here (Schoppershof with Schlösschen, Schübelsberg, Weigelshof).

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The Rennweg U--Bahn station situated close to the City Park. The historical name of the city park Judenbühl derives from the tragedy concerned with the murdering of jews on this place in 1349. At middle of the 19th century, the park was named Maxfield commemorating the King Maximilian of Bavaria. The most memorable event happened in the park when Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard started his flight with his hot air balloon on November 12, 1787. Chronicles say that about 50,000 spectators attended this event.

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The Rathenauplatz U-Bahn station is named after central city plaza Rathenauplatz. The plaza changed its name several times in the course of its history. The original name was Outer Laufertorplatz, which derived from the tower in the city walls fortifications. This name was changed to Hindenburgplatz in 1917 in honor of military man Paul von Hindenburg. In 1922, after the assassination of the Minister of the Reich of Jewish origin Walther Rathenau, the name was changed to Rathenauplatz. After the National Socialists came to power in 1933, the square was renamed Feldmarschall-Hindenburg-Platz, which was reversed in 1946 to the name of Rathenau.

The Wöhrder Wiese U-Bahn station connects to the largest inner-city green area along the river Pegnitz and the Wöhrder See. The park is intensively used by citizens either for recreation or sports activities or cultural events.

Hauptbahnhof station is the large-stop on the U2 line connects with the central trails station and the old city by the underground passage. Using this stop, you can easily reach any place of importance concerning the old city points of interest. It is also the best connecting stop if you are going to visit Nuremberg for one day on your way by night train to other cities of Franconian Germany.

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