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Kfar Habad, Israel


Kfar Chabad is perhaps one of the most interesting religious settlements in Israel. Here are some facts about Kfar Chabad: 1. All of its residents work. 2. It was established by immigrants from the Soviet Union. 3. It has a train station. 4. The matzo that is baked in Kfar Chabad is sold all over the world. 5. Kfar Chabad is the largest matzah bakery in the world. 6. All enterprises in Kfar Chabad are privately owned. 7. The exact replica of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's house in New York stands in Kfar Chabad.

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Railway Station Kfar Habad, Israel
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An ancient road connected Jaffa and Jerusalem passed through Lod and Ramle. This road has a new number 44. Along the way between Jaffa and Ramle, there were three large Arab Muslim villages. Yazur (modern Azur), Beit Dajan (modern Beit Dagan), and Safuria - modern Kfar Chabad. During the reign of England in Palestine, a railway ran passed near Safuria, and there was a railway station. The current railway station situated almost in the place of the British station. The train is the fastest and most convenient way to get to Kfar Chabad. Our three hours walking trip in Kfar Habad starts here, here it will end.

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