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Budapest. From the airport to the center of the city. Arriving at Memories Hotel.


This way is the easiest, the safe, the cheapest, and fastest way to get from Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport to Hotel Memories Budapest - Rumbach Space Events & Conferences. The 100E express bus runs from the airport to the central metro station Deák Ferenc tér, making two intermediate stops on its way at the metro stations Kálvin tér and Astoria M. Hotel Memories is in the ten-minute walk from Astoria station. The bus leaves every ten minutes from the main exit from the airport and runs to the city center. The journey takes about half an hour. 100E departs from the airport to the center from 05:00 AM to 01:20 AM; From the city to the airport: from 03:40 AM to 00:40 AM. Important! At Astoria bus stop, the 100E bus TO THE AIRPORT stops only between 3:42 AM and 4:42 AM. Where to buy 100E bus tickets? At the airport at the front desk of the transport company in terminal 2B. In the purple ticket machine at a bus stop. The ticket machines are located between terminals 2A and 2B. Four more devices were installed almost at the entrance to terminal 2B in the bus by the driver. If you buy tickets in machines, both cards and forints are accepted. The 100E driver sells tickets both for forints and for euros (at the rate of 1 euro - 300 forints, the official rate is 330 forints). A special ticket for a 100E bus costs 900 forints (about € 2.7). No other ticket grants access to the 100E bus. Here you can take a detailed step-by-step route. Download the route to your device, and the application will guide you along the route step by step from start to finish with no need for the internet connection. An arrow indicates your position on the map, and its tip should be directed along the line from stop to stop. When you turn, the indicator turns with you, and you can quickly determine your direction. You can listen to descriptions of stops by pressing the play button. Not yet available for Hebrew on Android devices. Photos at the stops of the route will help you navigate the terrain. Have a nice trip!

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Bus stop. From here, buses 100E leave. Buying a ticket in a ticket machine is available in seven languages. Infographics help you choose a card from the airport. An airplane icon indicates such a ticket.

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Astoria (Hung. Astoria) is the popular name for the intersection of the main streets in the center of Budapest. The name comes from the name of the hotel "Grand Hotel Astoria. "Astoria place" is the intersection of Rakoczi Avenue (Hungarian. Rákóczi út) and minor boulevard (Hungarian. Kiskörú). In this place in the sixteenth century stood the eastern gate of the city; The Jewish quarter began to grow behind it. In 1808 the gates were demolished, and almost a hundred years later, in 1914, the Astoria Hotel was built. During the anti-communist revolution of 1956, meetings were held here. Demonstrators gathered near the Astoria Hotel to prevent a column of Soviet tanks from approaching the parliament building. The photo shows a damaged hotel building and a modern look.

Photo by By Rlevente - This file was derived from:Kossuth Lajos utca - Károly (Tanács) körút sarok. Fortepan 24677.jpgAstoria - 2013.09.18 (2).JPG, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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Hotel Memories Budapest** combines unrivaled location, facilities, and friendly personal service to help us with all ours accommodation requirements in Budapest – whether we are on a business stay or a base for a leisure trip after the seminar. Every room equipped including a coffee capsule machine and a flat-screen tv. The sumptuous buffet breakfast is served every day, where guests can also access free coffee beverages and snacks all day long. The hotel is located opposite the Great Synagogue of Budapest. Deak Ferenc interchange metro square is 200 m from the property. The St. Stephen's Basilica is a 10-minute walk from the Hotel Memories Budapest. Andrassy Avenue and the Opera are also within 5-minute walking distance from the property. Hotel Memories Budapest** is proud to be operating in such a cultural heritage environment, and we are certainly looking for an essential historic seminar of IsraelWay company and wish your great stay in Budapest!


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