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Jerusalem. Festival of Light Green route.


The green route starts at the New Gate, goes along the northern walls of the Old City and ends in the cave of Zedekiah. This is the average length of the route, and, according to many, the most interesting. Along this route is one of the most beautiful sights: Shechem Gate with Sveto wallpaper projected on them. The festival takes place every day from June 26 to July 4 from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm, except for Fridays.

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Nispag Baor - Soaked in Light - This is an installation by the British artist Gali May Lucas. Four figures sit on the bench, buried in their mobile phones. They are detached from the outside world, and all that illuminates their faces is the light emanating from the screens of their devices. Not phones illuminate their faces, but the light of screens absorbs their minds, hearts, and souls. This work caused a storm of delight among art lovers, and was criticized by lovers of modern technology.

Alavan Hagadol - The Big White - This is a life-sized kinetic white shark, consisting of neon segments that change color and set in motion in accordance with the musical accompaniment. It seems that the image comes to life, moves and accurately conveys the illusion of immersion in the waters of the ocean, where infinity, admiration and fear reign.

Leytzaney Haor - Clowns of Light - these are two street actors who, with their brilliance, captivating kindness and ingratiatingness, do not leave any passer-by indifferent. They are sweet, funny, the light in their hands is obedient and warm, and the faces of passers-by are lurking in smiles, and their hearts will be filled with joy.

Panas Rekhov - Street Light - This is an interactive installation by Rai and Ariel Frumkin. Using the “green screen” technology, the Street Lamp draws you into scenes from the history of Jerusalem, introduces the main events, revives long-standing characters and displays the colorful collage of the city’s life, which is three thousand years old.

HaKaduraglanim - The Football Players - This is the work of the French artist Rami Bron and the studio MocapLab. Two figures of the attacker and the goalkeeper are set in motion with the help of a thin luminescent line, which recreates the most acute moment of the game: a shot on goal and a goalkeeper throw.

Mihutz Lakavim - Outside the Lines - This is the work of the French artist Mud Raisum in which almost half a kilometer of fluorescent wire creates geometric shapes, sets huge shapes in motion, crawls beyond the boundaries of the contour, delineates the boundaries and outrages them. Effects are achieved only with the help of light and lines.

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Shaarey Haor - Gates of Light - This is another installation of the Austrian company Licht Aft - light wallpaper. With the help of ingenious plexuses of architectural forms and historical plots, the Shechem Gates of Old Jerusalem come to life. Times change on their stone walls, people alternate, images change, whole worlds arise and disintegrate, giving the illusion of darkness and light to the mercy of grateful plots that smoothly fall on the palette of history.

Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Gan Hatamnun - Garden of Octopus - This is the work of the German company RaumZeitPiraten. It is located in the historical cave of Zedekiah and is composed of many small objects in constant motion. This laboratory equipment, motors, batteries, light bulbs, microphones. By their movement they create a fascinating play of light and shadow. A kind of replica of the Platonic myth of the cave, where people see the shadows, and, unaware of the truth of things, make judgments about the philosophy of being

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