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Jerusalem. Festival of Light Red Route.


The red route starts at the Jaffa Gate, goes along the streets of the Christian Quarter of the Old City and ends at the New Gate. This is the most gentle route. At the end of the route behind the New Gate on the right is the first stop of the green route and on the left, a little distance away, is blue. Green runs along the northern walls of the Old City, and the blue one goes around the city up to the entrance to the Western Wall. The festival takes place every day from June 26 to July 4 from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm, except for Fridays.

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Places with media

Lehiraga ve Leshahrer - Calm Down and Let Go - This is the work of Maria Alman and Nestor Rubio from England. Their installation translates human movements into abstract light images, and the man himself becomes an object of art. Special sensors pick up the movements of people, determine their vector and communicate information to the computer, which projects onto a huge screen, turning movement into a play of light and form.

Hamasa Hamufla - The Wonderful Journey - so, loosely translated, this work can be characterized by Israeli artists Tom Galya and Shmulika Tvayga. Images are projected on a ten-meter vertical cabinet. People, residents of Jerusalem, men and women, young and old, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians - all those wonderful people who create a unique image and fill this city with meaning.

Haminhara Hamueret - The Lit Tunnel - This is the work of the Najib brothers. The arch leads to the Christian quarter of the city - Muristan. Usually, when it comes to an arch or a tunnel, we associatively recall the light at the end of the tunnel and intuitively move to the exit. And in this case, the whole tunnel is light. It is nice to be in it. Conversely, the exit from the tunnel is night.

Neve Midbar Shel Or - Oasis of Light - This is the work of high school students of Ein Gedi. The work used a variety of plants growing in the desert. They are skillfully highlighted and create a sense of a desert oasis in the middle of the ancient city. In a strange way, this blooming desert has something in common with the fountain of Muristan - a fountain in which there is almost never water.

Livhor Baruch - These are the three holograms of Ralph Vasterhof from Holland. These are three faces consisting of air and emptiness, woven into a form due to subtle light lines. At the same time, they create an image, convey a character and invite to reflect on what is an image? What is it made of? What impression does it make on us?

Uploaded by Evgeny Praisman

Kriya Le Mishala - Asking for a Wish - This is perhaps the most fabulous work at the festival of light. In the middle of the street there is a “net of desires”. You can whisper your desire to it and right there on the walls of houses there will appear images and forms that, like good fairies, will seize your desire and clothe it in the story. These are fabulous, abstract and real pictures. They arise, disappear, flash mixed up and freeze alongside other desires and all shine together, pulsing with sincerity, faith and good.

Inflictors - This work is by Alexander Khatskiy and Mihran Andrisyan from Israel. This inflatable structure soars above the gates of the Old City. It bears in itself the ridiculous architectural forms, torn out from time and trampling on architectural rules. It glows, turns and is capricious in the eyes of astonished spectators, wondering: what kind of wonder is that? And why is it here?

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