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Georgia. Borjomi. May 27, 2019


Once you entered the hotel Crown Plaza in Borjomi, you don't wont to leave. Many consider it as only the best in Borjomi, and also the best in Georgia. But, try to pull yourself out of the SPA and soft bed, break away from your favorite book or the best HBO serial. You will be surprised by a cozy resort town with a notable cable car, primeval coniferous forest, a city park, a healing spring, cute souvenir shops, and a home restaurant, which "holds the brand" for decades. It was a wonderful adventure!

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The hotel is only two years old. Its construction lasted for a very long time. It belongs to an international network and is managed by a Georgian family of a wine producer, whom we met in Mtskheta.

The souvenir street meets you with silver jewelry, wooden utensils, felted wool products, and spices. These are the main products of this region of Georgia.

Many know Borjomi as a spa resort since the end of the 19th century. The city is located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Warm mineral springs are found at a depth of 700 meters. The healing properties of water are useful for various disorders of the stomach. But only on time. In order not to be late. As an old Russian saying says, it's too late, uncle, to drink Borjomi.

This house is also known as Firuza-turquoise. Iranian consul Mirza Reza Khan built it in 1892. The architect of this beautiful building was killed. The killer is not known to this day. Also not clear motives for the crime. The main architectural element of this house is its carved balcony.

The city park where the primary source of Borjomi is located meets the street called April 9th. The road is named after the violent dispersal of the demonstration in Tbilisi on the night of April 8-9, 1989. Georgia demanded secession from the USSR. Twenty-nine people died from the crush and choking, mostly women.

It was built in the 60s of the 20th century and immediately became a symbol on the label of Borjomi mineral water.

The plateau above the Borjomi gorge is rich in coniferous and deciduous forests. It was called by Russian doctors a fertile place for walking to take air baths. Such a unique kind of air bathes is possible since the forest warms up well and trees emit large amounts of oxygen.

You can make trips through the forest using the quad bikes. Our path was up to the hut Serafim Sarovsky and then to the walking path to the park.

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Seraphim of Sarov known in the world Prokhor Mashnin was born in Kursk into a wealthy merchant family in the mid-18th century. Even as a child, miraculous healings and prophecies occurred in his life. These events led him to the fold of ministry. At the end of the 18th century, he became a monk in the Sarov wasteland near Tambov and became known as Seraphim of Sarov. One of the essential features of the Seraphim is a prayer on a huge boulder. There are no historical events related to Seraphim, In these places, but its righteousness and holiness of this forest inspired the Russians, who developed Borjomi, to create objects in the woods that remind of the life and existence of Seraphim of Sarov.

This stone is a copy of the boulder on which Seraphim prayed.

This hut is a copy of Seraphim's cell. He lived as a hermit in a forest, fed animals and ate herbs.

The walls of the chapel are painted with events from the life of Seraphim. On one, you can see how the robbers attacked Seraphim. They were looking for valuables in his cells, which brought wealthy pilgrims. But they did not find anything, crippling Seraphim. After some time, the robbers were found, and people wanted to punish them, but Seraphim forgave them for their sins.

This path is marked in blue and goes through the forest to the city park. Entrance to the park from the square is paid, but for incoming hiking trails through hiking, no fee is charged. We don't describe a life hack how to enter the park for free, but it is about an intelligent system encouraging people to walk on hiking trails.

Water flowing down from the mountains feeds this modest waterfall. It is also mineral water from upper sources.

We passed only a small part of the trail. By the apparent signage on almost every crossroads, one can understand the variety of trails in the park.

The medicinal value of the waters of the source was discovered by chance during the Russian military campaign against Turkey, whose goal was the fortress of Akhaltsikhe. The soldiers, after drinking the water of the spring, miraculously felt much better. Before that, they had stomach problems.

The source is called Ekaterina in honor of the name of the daughter of the commander-in-chief of the Russian troops in Georgia.

This building was built as the first plant in which water was bottled. In Soviet times, a balneological sanatorium and library were made here, shamelessly bricking the original cast-iron columns into tasteless concrete pillars lined with white tiles. Now there is a restoration.

This piano may be a very distinctive element of street art or wine and vodka design. A broken keyboard in the street with a cracked oak wine barrel in front of a neglected house with stunning carved balconies is stylish!

Oh, my God!!!! Shooting gallery in the best traditions of the air rifle since the great USSR! Only the gun no longer sits on the chain, and the hare targets no longer fall on impact - the old steels are rusted. But you can shoot down thimbles. Different caliber! Mikhail Isaakovich shot down 8 out of 9, I was 7, and Lenka killed the super prize and, as usual, received a soft toy as a gift.

Just the right store, the right things. Igor and I were offered to taste wines (this is the custom in these places). We gladly agreed and expressed a desire to purchase. The owner called the price: 20 GEL, then he thought, and without bargaining, he said: Ah, take over 15. The charm is just lovely! Well, and how after such not to give 20?

Carved shutters, balconies - this is the hallmark of good old Tiflis. In a rich province, in Borjomi, they also tried to keep up with the capital and the former beauty was preserved in the modern restoration. By the way, as it once was, the first floor is reserved for a cafe.

I have long noticed that you need to eat where the locals eat. And this is not just peeking lifehacking. It’s just that in traditional Georgia and especially in Borjomi if you don’t feed you tasty, they’ll only don’t come to you again - you will dishonor your family. After all, you are not tasty. And you do not need any likes on Facebook or TripAdvisor.

Yes, in this fast mountain river in the middle of the city you can fish — trout bite.

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Even when, at the end of the 19th century, Russian architects dressed the rebellious Bordzhomula in the stone embankment, they took care of the gazebos and balconies over the turbulent flow, so that it was pleasant to make a promenade to the park and back, drinking Borjomi from a source. More than a hundred years have passed, and these cozy places beckon you to sit in the shade above the river bed, listen to the sound of water and breathe cold air.

No one virtuoso on the rollers or skateboard could ever make a flip in this ring because the builders did not take care of the run-up at all. But the idea itself is impressive.

Everything is good here. All is well — the End.

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