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To all lovers of books and live jazz or those who want to diversify their cultural city. The route is better to start in the late afternoon, to complete it with a jazz concert. A short walk will take you to my favorite, rather unconventional interesting places of St. Petersburg. After the classics of the Hermitage, Nevsky, the most beautiful cathedrals and museums, these small places became for me like a salad dressing with excellent ingredients, which brings their combination to perfection. We start from the Moscow station and end with the atmospheric jazz bar. How long the route will take is up to you, because you can listen to jazz forever. Translated with Google Translate

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Moscow station
Moscow station

We begin our journey from the Moscow railway station, here is the metro station Ploshchad Vosstaniya, symbolic points of entry into the city, if you arrived by train or flew to Pulkovo, it's time to go outside and enjoy the streets of St. Petersburg. Translated with Google Translate

Nevsky Prospect. Start.
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Rounding the metro station "Ploshchad Vosstaniya", we get to Nevsky Prospekt. Here you can put the phone in your pocket and boldly go straight about 10 minutes, looking at the mesmerizing architecture of Peter, on the right and left side. These are numerous buildings, mansions of the 19-20 century. Here you can ride on public transport. Sometimes it happens that his "horns" move away from the wires, and the driver in giant mittens comes out to correct the situation. I was lucky to see it live. Translated with Google Translate

House of merchant N.S. Paskov-Sharapov
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I’m sure, walking to this place, you have already taken photos of many beautiful houses, but this one is one of my favorites. And part-time landmark for the turn. House of merchant N. S. Paskov-Sharapov. In the 1860s, the house housed the popular fruit shop of the Nabilkov brothers, where journalists and writers of those years loved to gather. In 1873–1874, for the commerce of adviser K. P. Palkin under the project of A. K. Keyser, the building was expanded and built up to four floors, the building of the Palkin restaurant was built in the courtyard. On the Vladimirsky Prospekt side, the Tranchel printing house worked in the house, printing since 1872 the Citizen magazine, edited by F. M. Dostoevsky. In Soviet times, since 1924 - the cinema "Titan". Translated with Google Translate

Delicious coffee in the book ("Subscription Editions")
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Here begins the literary part of our walk. On Liteiny Prospekt, on the left side after numerous coffee houses, canteens and shops, you will see the Signed Editions bookstore with large panoramic windows, bookshelves to the ceiling, plants and polite work, as befits in St. Petersburg. Here I usually buy as a gift badges or postcards with humorous phrases and design. And yes, the best part is, if you buy more than 500 rubles, coffee is given as a gift here. Delicious coffee is brewed here, which you can drink at those same panoramic windows or climb up to the second floor with it to watch all the hustle and bustle of the bookstore. On the lines of the route you can see my movements inside the store, I can never go past these many shelves with books :) Translated with Google Translate

Passage to the Museum of Anna Akhmatova in the Fountain House.
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We continue to move along Liteiny Lane. Everything also on the left will be another place that is definitely worth a look - the House-Museum of the poetess Anna Akhmatova. Turning left under a small signboard, you will find yourself in a cozy courtyard, nothing unusual, in principle, you are in St. Petersburg. Here, in the Fountain House, in the apartment of the famous art critic Nikolai Punin, Anna Akhmatova lived for 30 years. Before entering the museum itself, I advise you to take a closer look at the culturally inscribed wall, here you can find a lot of interesting things - sketches, lines of verses not only by Akhmatova, but also by many unknown, but very soulful authors. Translated with Google Translate

Anna Akhmatova Museum and Sumerian Coffee House
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The Museum of Anna Akhmatova is located in the back of the courtyard, after the arch it is necessary to turn left, then right, the entrance is not entirely obvious. Be sure to take an audio guide and go through the rooms of the communal apartment where the poetess lived. Many details speak so realistically about the terrible period of time when Akhmatova lived, that you begin to let this all through yourself. But at the very end of the museum there is an amazing interactive room with many poems, drafts, drafts and diaries of Anna, which fully reveal her talent and deep inner world. On the territory of the museum there is a small Sumerian coffee shop, where I tried, perhaps, the best cheesecake in my life, blueberry. A great place to rest after the tour and comprehend what was seen. Translated with Google Translate

After visiting the museum, you can stroll through the internal garden of the House on the Fontanka. It is a bit like the English private gardens - closed public gardens, the keys to which are only available to residents of neighboring houses. There are no casual passers-by and noisy companies, visitors to the museum or street garden exhibitions are leisurely walking along its paths. Translated with Google Translate

Yusupova Palace
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Liteiny Avenue is crowned with many picturesque buildings, but it is simply impossible to walk past the mighty Zinaida Yusupova Palace in the style of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque at Liteiny 42. There is already time to turn left, but you should still linger on the corner and consider the refined patterns on the architectural monument and part-time at the large cultural center of St. Petersburg. There are excursions, classical music concerts, theater nights, exhibitions, symposiums, and also here is the society "Knowledge". Translated with Google Translate

The Hat Jazz Bar
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It's time to stop and listen to good jazz. A small but cozy bar on Belinsky will be a great end to the evening. Sometimes there are so many people that the door barely opens. Here, live jazz is played every evening, excellent vocalists and musicians improvise at jam sessions. The bar opens at 19.00, and concerts are usually around 23, but it is better to call and specify in advance here: I was lucky enough to visit here only once on the recommendation, for which I am infinitely grateful and now share it with special warmth. Translated with Google Translate

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