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The Jewish quarter was once behind the city walls, but with the city's development, it came inside the new fortress walls.

The main Christian cathedral of Tbilisi is named after Mount Zion. It is a mountain in Jerusalem that is often synonymous with the name of the city.

People of different nationalities have always lived in Tbilisi. Georgians, Armenians, Jews. They had a mutual cultural influence and formed a unique community in Tbilisi. Sayat Nova, a songwriter of Armenian origin, lived and worked in this city. His songs are imbued with lyrics and love.

Meydan is the main square of old Tbilisi. The name is of Turkic origin. Turks and Persians profoundly influenced Georgia and Tbilisi.

The cable car rises from the left bank of the Kura River to the right bank straight to the Narikala fortress.

Sololaki quarter is one of the most prestigious in Tbilisi. Its name comes from sulula - an Arabic word for an irrigation canal. The Arabs dug the irrigation canal during their rule in Tbilisi.

The self-name of Georgians is Kartli. A massive sculpture of the motherland of the Cartvels' mother was erected during the Soviet era. A woman holds a sword in one hand to defeat enemies, and on the other hand, has a kvevi - a Georgian national wine glass to treat friends.

The oldest fortress in Tbilisi. They say that even during the time of King Vakhtang Gorgosali, there was a fortified fortress here.

Disputes between different historians and people about who built the fortress do not stop. Some claim that the Turks made the fort at the dawn of their civilization. This conclusion can be drawn from its name. Narik is tall, and Kale is a fortress.

Metekhi is the heart of Georgian statehood and the capital. Vakhtang Gorgosali moved the capital from Mtskheta to Tbilisi. Metekhi - a steep rock above the Kura River became the site of the royal palace and church.

Gorgasali is the nickname of King Vakhtang. Gorgi is said to mean wolves in Persian. This is how the Persians called the warriors of Grgosali. This is where the name Georgi comes from, where the country name Georgia comes from.

The Turks destroyed the king's palace and the church. Russian tsars built a prison on the site of the castle.

The Muslim heritage of Tbilisi is the Juma Big Friday Mosque.

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