Pinsteps. The Mariinsky Palac in the Pechersk district of Kyiv, Ukraine
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The Mariinsky Palace is an elegant historical landmark in the Pechersk district of Kyiv, Ukraine. The palace was commissioned by the Russian Empress Elizabeth and was designed by the renowned architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli in the Baroque style. Construction began in 1744 and was completed in 1752.

Before the revolution, the Mariinsky Palace served as a royal residence for visiting members of the Russian imperial family, including Empress Catherine II (Catherine the Great), Emperor Nicholas I, and Emperor Alexander II. The palace hosted numerous balls, receptions, and other high-profile events during the 18th and 19th centuries. It was an important symbol of the Russian Empire's presence and influence in Ukraine.

During the tumultuous years of the 1917 revolution and the subsequent Civil War, the palace witnessed significant political upheaval and change. After the establishment of Soviet power in Ukraine, the Mariinsky Palace was used for various purposes. Initially, it served as the headquarters of the Red Army and later as the House of the Central Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. The palace was damaged during World War II, but it was eventually restored in the 1940s and 1950s.

In the Soviet era, the Mariinsky Palace was used for official state functions, including meetings of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR and receptions for foreign dignitaries. After Ukraine gained independence in 1991, the palace continued to serve as a proper venue for the President of Ukraine, hosting official events, meetings, and celebrations.

The Mariinsky Palace remains an important symbol of Ukraine's history and cultural heritage. The palace has been carefully restored and preserved, showcasing its beautiful Baroque architecture and design. Its historical significance and grandeur make it an essential destination for visitors to Kyiv, as well as a testament to the city's rich and varied past.

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Journey Through Kyiv of Oct 5, 2019

Embarking on a journey through Kiev, one of the first landmarks to admire is the monument dedicated to Vladislav Gorodetsky, an architect renowned for his unique style and contribution to the cityscape. Nearby, the Office of the President of Ukraine stands tall, symbolizing the country's independence and leadership.

A short walk away is the House with Chimaeras, Gorodetsky's masterpiece, famed for its peculiar animal sculptures, and a must-visit spot. A stroll along the city streets will lead to the National Bank of Ukraine's edifice, a significant emblem of the nation's financial system, merging the past and the present.

Venturing further, you'll encounter the Mariinsky Palace in the Pechersk district, a historical gem with its grandiose architectural style that captures Ukraine's noble past. Next, a visit to Kiev's Water Museum will offer a unique experience. Once a water tower, it now provides insight into the city's water system's history and development, and don't miss the Wishing Tree, a beloved local symbol that whispers tales of hope and dreams to every visitor.

Not far away, the Arch of Diversity stands as a beacon of unity and inclusion, epitomizing the city's embrace of diversity and solidarity. Your journey ends at Independence Square, a significant landmark and a stage to the 2014 Revolution, reflecting Ukraine's struggle and triumph towards self-determination and freedom. It's a tour through Kiev that truly embodies the city's rich history, architectural brilliance, and indomitable spirit.

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