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Many relatives and descendants of royal houses lived near the palace of the most powerful European monarchy. The gloomiest house in Vienna stands on the corner of Augustinerstrasse and Dorothiergasse, opposite the commemorative plaque to Jan Sobieski. Elizabeth Bathory lived in it at the beginning of the 17th century. She is also known as "the Duchess of Blood". Her name is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the name of the female murderer of all time. She allegedly tortured and killed over 600 virgins to drink and bathe in their blood, believing that this would preserve her youth and beauty. Some historians believe these blood plots were spread to defame the name of the powerful and influential woman. But, the extensive evidence against her, and Bathory's own confessions reinforce the stories as plausible. The nearby markets of the city were the hunting ground for Bathory's servant, Pichko, who supplied young maids for the lady. He promised the victims shelter, food and security and invited young girls to serve the mysterious countess. At night, strange sounds were often heard from this house, but no one dared to ask the noblewoman what was happening in her home. Over time, the horrors and murders moved to Bathory's family castle, where she could freely torture her victims. By the way, stories about bathing in blood were later recognized as fictitious. However, corpses and tortured victims were found in her Czachatsky castle, where she was arrested. The power and influence of the Bathory family (relatives of the Polish king Stefan Bathory) managed to prevent Elizabeth's trial. Still, she was sentenced to prison in her castle, where she died four years later. To this day, the place is gloomy and repulsive.

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