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Vienna Opera. One can hardly imagine Vienna without mentioning its famous opera house. Remember Franz Josef? During his reign, it was decided to demolish the walls, clear the territory, and lay comprehensive and convenient traffic arteries. This is how Rings appeared in Vienna - circles encircling the old city and creating convenient and fast communication with the new town. By the way, many cities in the Austro-Hungarian Empire followed the example of Vienna, for example, Krakow. First, horses started walking down the wide streets, replaced by trams. Then, architects got a new indescribable front of work, and in 1861, the building of the Court Opera was laid. Several architects designed the building, but the tone was set by Edward Van der Nüll, a professor at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, an eclecticist (a person who picks up beauty). The grand opening occurred on May 25, 1869, with Mozart's Don Giovanni opera. The door was attended by Emperor Franz Yosif himself and Empress Elizabeth (Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Bavaria - charming Sisi). Still, neither Van der Nüll nor his co-author August Sicard von Sicardsburg did not live to see it. Even long before the first submission, their creation was criticized by the public. The building was called the sinking box. It had no front stairs, and only a few steps separated it from the road. But the architect was most offended by comparing his creation with the defeat of Austria near Sadovaya in the Czech Republic. This event occurred in the summer of 1866 during the Austro-Prussian Won when Austria permanently lost influence in Germany and Italy in just six weeks. On April 4, 1868, Van der Nüll hanged himself in the building of his theatre, and after ten weeks, his colleague Zikardsburg died of tuberculosis. These events shocked the public so much that even Franz Josef called on critics to be more careful in their statements, and he adhered to the exact phrase in everything related to art: "It was beautiful, and I was very pleased". Truly Brezhnev, wasn't he?

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