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In 1838, a young man from a remote province came to Milan. His name is Carlo Francesco Maciachini. He passed his childhood and youth on a family farm, but he was destined to become the founder of a special architectural style. You cant disagree, the facade of the church is both elegant and modern. This building attracts the eye and invites you to come closer. Carlo Francesco created a special Milanese style called Milanese eclecticism. He studied here in Brera, and he is the mind behind the magnificent entrance to the famous Milan cemetery. The facade of this church was designed by Carlo Francesco Maciachini in collaboration with Giuseppe Pestagalli, who owns the famous Dal Verme Theater, but we'll see it a little later. The first church in this place appeared thanks to the Carmelite monks in the 12th century. The church quickly gained the respect of the Brera inhabitants and became a parish church for the rich.

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This route is suitable for those who come to Milan for a day or for those who stay in the city. We will visit the Dome Square, get acquainted with the architecture of the town, and feel its spirit, born during the formation of independent Italy. We will walk along the quiet streets of the bohemian region of Brera and plunge into urban life in the Castello area. Stories, bars, restaurants, shops, and comfort will accompany us at every step.

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