Pinsteps. Einot Tzukim reserve at the end of Ovnat Trail

The trail descends to the Einot Tsukim Nature Reserve. Its blue ponds are visible at the foot of the mountain. The name Einot Tsukim means "Water sources of the rocks," is associated with freshwater sources located on a relatively narrow coastal strip at the foot of the rocky mountains of the Judean Desert. Situated between the hills of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea, the reserve is the lowest in the world. The sounds of the murmur of water are heard In the park - these are springs with fresh water, they form streams and ponds.

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Hiking and beaching on the Dead Sea

The hiking trail from Kibbutz Avnat to the Einot Tsukim Nature Reserve is gorgeous in spring. Many herbs bloom in ravines along the path, and the entire desert is covered with an unusual green carpet. Kalia beach is well equipped and pleasant all the time of the year. After a hiking trail, natural mud on the seashore will be pretty relaxing.

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