Pinsteps. Nahal Siah’s southern branch
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After about 600 meters, we reach Nahal Siah’s southern branch. At the intersection, we see the remnants of an old lime pit, a round hole in the ground encircled by rocks in which chalk was burned to turn it into the lime used to line water wells and prevent seepage. When the pit was active, a dome-shaped stone building contained chalk meant for burning. Fuel was inserted into the pit itself through a unique aperture. The fire burned for 3-6 days, depending on the size of the pit; when the dome began to glow red, the fire would be put out. The opening was sealed for several days, and the final product, burned lime, was removed from the pit.

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Nahal Siah gets its name in Hebrew and Arabic from the frequent hikers. In both languages, it is derived from words meaning “tour” or “hike.” The walk begins on Lotus Street. Descend to the right near the black trail mark, first on the asphalt road and then down the stairs, into the heart of the gully.

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עמותת תיירות ונופש חיפה היא המדריך והידיד הנאמן שלך בעיר לא משנה אם באת להתארח או להשתקע בעיר. פרויקט אטרקציות קיץ הוא רק קצה המזלג של מה שהעיר יכולה להציע וכדאי מאוד לבקר האתר של העמותה בכתובת או לעקוב אחרינו כאן בשביל להיות מעודכנים בכל האירועים וכל המבצעים.
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