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The Tuileries is one of the two oldest parks in Paris. Both parks were built during the reign of Maria de Medici. The Luxembourg Gardens is considered the second oldest park. It is located in front of the former Chateau Marie de Medici, and today is the seat of the French Parliament. The gardens were used for different purposes. There was horse riding, cabaret, entertainment, and even a silkworm farm. In 1667 Charles Perrault, the author of The Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales, was solicited before the king to open the garden to the public. Permission was obtained, except for beggars and soldiers. It was the first royal garden in history to be open to the public. In this garden, Napoleon's wedding procession with an Austrian princess took place, and after the defeat of Napoleon's army, English and Russian soldiers camped in it.

Panoramic view of the Tuileries Gardens.

Photo By dronepicr - Louvre Museum

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Avenue de L'Opera to Museum D’Orsay

This is one of the short and beautiful walks from the opera boulevard to the d'Orsay museum. In just a hour and a half, the city will acquaint you with its history and culture of the second half of the nineteenth - early twentieth centuries. We learn about the fate of Napoleon III - the nephew of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte, who created the image of the modern capital of France. We will meet the history of the Tuileries Gardens and the events of Paris's history from the time of Joan of Arc to the construction of the southern station, which today houses the Orsay Museum. Enjoy the Seine from the pedestrian bridge named after the President of Senegal and an attractive meal at the end of the museum tour in his restaurant on the upper terrace.

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