Pinsteps. Haifa city museum

Today, after the restoration of the building in 2000, the Haifa City Museum is located in it. The building itself was built in 1869 and became the first stone house of the Templar community in the Holy Land. It was the house of the national assembly, the hall for sermons and meetings, the school and the local council at the same time. The bells from the annex above the facade proclaimed meetings. It is said that Kaiser Wilhelm spoke to people from a balcony during his visit to the Holy Land in 1898. Above the entrance, as usual, there is a quotation from the holy scriptures, this time the dog is mentioned: If I forget you Jerusalem, may I lose my right hand. Translated with Google Translate

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New year in haifa

The Matzpen Mercaz's adventure in Haifa on the eve of 2019 New Year celebration Translated with Google Translate

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