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We continue to walk around Milan of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries - in Milan of the revival and formation of independent Italy. Remember the unusual church of St. Mary Del Carmine? Two architects worked on it, and only one of them worked on an elegant small theater located opposite to the church. Giuseppe Pestagalli embodied modest restraint in the theater building, unlike his colleague, who set the style of Milanese eclecticism. The Dal Verme Theater is named after its patron - the famous Milanese family Varme. The theater arose on the site of the vulgar semi circus performance of the rider Gaetano Ciniselli, which did not suit Milan at all in the late second half of the nineteenth century. From a merchant city became an intelligent and sophisticated one. Although, in the theater of La Scala, bull prices were still discussed, and in the intervals they played cards.

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This route is suitable for those who come to Milan for a day or for those who stay in the city. We will visit the Dome Square, get acquainted with the architecture of the town, and feel its spirit, born during the formation of independent Italy. We will walk along the quiet streets of the bohemian region of Brera and plunge into urban life in the Castello area. Stories, bars, restaurants, shops, and comfort will accompany us at every step.

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