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Opened on August 15, 1782, the Piermarini fountain is the first modern fountain in Milan. Carlo Giuseppe di Firmian, the emissary of Maria Teresa monarch of Austria, ordered the architect Giuseppe Piermarini to design this fountain as a symbol of the greatness of neoclassical renaissance held by Austrian emperors. Thirteen years of work took Piermarini to solve the water supplying from the Seveso river. The insufficient slope between the fountain and the source of water was solved by placing a water pump in Via Delle Ore. Next to the fountain and the Piazza is Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura. On December 12, 1969, an explosion occurred at the bank. Twelve people were killed, and more than 90 were injured. On the same day, an unexploded explosive device was found in the Banca Commerciale Italiana in Piazza Scala, and three more explosions occurred in Rome. After dozens of years of investigations and trials, the identity of attackers is still unknown.

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