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The Neely House Museum of Aronson is dedicated to the first underground organization in Israel - NILI (Netzah Israel Lo Ishaker) - “Israel won't lie in a strong one.” During the First World War, the lands of Israel were occupied by the Ottoman Empire, the situation of the Jewish communities was in a very difficult position. The NILI, of which the protagonists were the Aronson family, collected data on the whereabouts of the Turkish bases, as well as other spy information, and transmitted it to the British. In exchange, the organization NILI received money, medicines and other necessary things. In the fall of 1917, the organization was uncovered, and many residents of Zichron Yakov were arrested or executed, including the Aronson family. In the museum, located in Zichron Yakov, you can watch a film about the activities of LILI, get acquainted with interesting documents and photographs, as well as visit the house of Aronson and an armory. Translated with Google Translate

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Saturday walk through Beit Shearim and Zichron Yaakov.

Beautiful autumn days in one of the most mysterious places in the north of the country. Beit Shearim is an ancient city with a well-preserved necropolis, Zichron Yaakov - the first settlement of Baron Rothschild - European corner of the Holy Land Translated with Google Translate

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